BigSun Technologies: Leveraging Web Applications for ERP

CIO Vendor India has over three crore SMEs who are striving to provide world-class products and solutions globally. There are sets of challenges, which do not allow SMEs to manage their resources effectively. While SMEs adapt to the needs of large enterprises, they are unable to leverage technology to manage these needs. To bridge this gap, Balasubramanian G founded BigSun Technologies, in 2009 with a vision to build a product company out of India.

The ERP product provided is a multi language, multi-currency, multilocation, multiunit web based business application offering integrated financials with corporate budgeting, purchase, sales, inventory, production, quality, maintenance, human resources and planning with integrated e-commerce. The product is built on SQL 2012. These ERP products are state-of-the-art applications that are available off the shelf and will soon be available on an e-Commerce platform where people will be able to buy and download or subscribe and instantly start using them.

Certain highlights of the products include managing each item with over 12 characteristics and 6 dimensions along with unit of measure conversions. The product has a state of art tax engine, which supports multi level taxation with all possible tax scenarios well managed for the current and future needs of a growing business.

With this one ERP, SMEs do not need to further integrate any other applications in the future thus saving cost and increasing efficiency.

“In an era where SMEs are in an outlook to increase their revenue, reduce cost reduce inventory and provide better quality products; we provide a good fit product with the right balance of customization, implementation and productization
to make it work for them,” says Balasubramanian, Founder & Director, BigSun Technologies Private Limited.

BigSun's Software Niche
BigSun has in-house developers who are engaged in building these solutions from scratch. The company’s business management software application called BigSun Enterprise Resource Planning Software allows organizations to use a set of integrated applications to manage their business.

BigSun's ERP product is a multilanguage, multi currency, multilocation, multi unit webbased business application offering integrated financials

These ERPs caters to manufacturing, media, healthcare, warehousing & logistics, hospitality, retail,infrastructure,financial accounting, and payroll business.

The company has a good client base across the country which includes Fox Star Studios in the media business, Salva Foods & Cold Storage in the warehousing & logistics business and Asian Institute of Oncology in the healthcare business to name a few.

En-Route Expansion Plans
The product offerings from BigSun Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are highly specialized. The company is in the process of filing two patents from the current research & development efforts. This will help the 45 people strong company to become a billion dollar enterprise in the coming years.

The enterprise is gradually setting up distributor & implementation partners across the country and is looking at introducing many more products in the country. BigSun will soon expand to Singapore, Middle East which is en-route towards the rest of the globe.