Eastern Software Systems: The Front-runner in ERP Innovation

CIO Vendor Traditional ERPs have served the industry well but have limitations like excessive transaction orientation & limited flexibility, need for intense user training, delay in realizing the benefits, and once implemented, becomes a single vendor lock-in for further upgrades. Hence, the users are increasingly demanding ERPs that go beyond the traditional ERPs in terms of additional functionalities like workflow & document management, statutory interfaces and BI. At the same time, they want these ERPs to work on newer delivery platforms like Mobiles and Tablets. Though expectations are increasing, the budgets are not. Large global players and their partners are finding it difficult to cope up with the pricing pressure of the SMEs who are not yet ready to spend large sums and rather focus on making baby investments to see how the ERP will work. Understanding these challenges, Noida based Eastern Software Systems (ESS) developed ebizframe ERP that provides technology benefits at the least cost without sacrificing unique business practices or competitive advantage for such enterprises.

Founded in 1990, ESS has successfully implemented its ebizframe ERP for 850 customers in about 20 verticals, 2000 sites and 20,000 users in 25+ countries spread across India, Africa, Middle East and Europe. ESS ebizframe ERP has specific solutions for manufacturing, trading, retail, chemicals, paper, sugar and so on. Further it has added niche products from its partners in areas such as Document Management, Hospital Management and mobile based Sales Force Automation, utility billing, BPM and judicial automation. Besides these, ESS also provides IT Infrastructure solutions to its clients nationally and globally. Its mature products enhance continuously in terms of features and technology and have helped ESS maintain its unique value proposition to these diverse customers.
The team of engineers and project managers at ESS work with customers as a part of their organization from the process of installation till maintenance and support.“Our rich experience in the local and global market gives us an advantage over other competitors. Relevant best practices from across the globe add value to our clients even as we remain extremely flexible to accommodate user needs,” says Sanjay Agarwala, Managing Director, ESS.

ESS has always been the trendsetter, be it launching the ERP for SMEs, India’s first web enabled ERP or introducing the SaaS concept as early as 1999

ESS has always been the trendsetter, be it launching the ERP for SMEs, India’s first web enabled ERP or introducing the SaaS concept as early as 1999. The company has geared up to leverage the latest technologies like SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). The product based on this architecture is thinner, efficient and can be easily interfaced with other third party products which help in extending the ERP beyond the scope of the chosen product. The new versions of ebizframe are created around SOA and have these built-in functionalities. This new version is extremely powerful with interesting set of features which have been built based primarily on user’s demands.

Over the years, ESS has differentiated itself from being a pure ERP software company to become a system integrator (SI) in the mid-market space where there is a vacuum as far as good SI players are concerned. As a part of this movement, ESS is doing interesting projects which are not just enterprise wide solutions but also nationwide implementations. Currently, the company is imbibing latest technology developments and business domain expertise with focus on mobility & analytics to add value, and marrying social networking with business software.