Marg Compusoft: Creating Value and Empowering SMEs

CIO Vendor Today the Indian SME sector is expanding at an incredible pace with escalating demand of domestic and international markets. At the same time, the Indian business is facing intricacies in business process that has created a pull for ERP market from large businesses and SMEs. Most of the ERP providers focus on large businesses as they provide instant demands and good returns. As a result, a huge gap was generated in SME sector, which remained ignoble for long time. Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi based company mottled this gap by providing E3iERP, a highly configurable & flexible ERP solution, which comes with rich set of functionalities that help SMEs to achieve transparency, gain efficiency and register an increase in productivity.

The SMEs have started adopting ERPs to amplify their operations, but these ERPs were unable to provide them the expected results in the market due to changing dynamics of global business,lower process efficiency & technical adaptability, high cost, non-flexibility and complex business operation especially in Retail Chain (POS),SCM and Manufacturing. The inception of e-Commerce in Indian market boosted these challenges to a newer level. To address these problems, Marg Compusoft developed E3i, an advanced ERP platform, which is described as efficient, easy and economic solution. E3i is governed by experts having personal experience in Indian market. The team visualizes the customer
requirements on the basis of various factors like industry, existing technology platform, objective, organization size and several others before sharing the solution. With base of these factors, Marg develops a user friendly ERP solution. The team keeps upgrading the ERP with upcoming traits permitting more flexibility and efficiency to the users. E3i modernizes and integrates the flow of information and processes incorporated in the organization. It mechanizes complete cycle starting from delivery, tracking, payments, supply management, analytics and resource management to a completely developed decision support system. The broad usage and distinct features of E3i such as its perfect integration, simplicity and user friendly behavior have made it an ideal choice for SMEs. The success of Marg E3i depends on its solid architecture, interactivity and industry centric functionality which eases operation while delivering dazzling results. Presently, it has been used in several industries like all type of Retail Chains (POS), Manufacturing/Assembling Units, Supply Chain Management, FMCG, Super Markets, Pharmaceuticals/Chemical industries and many more related inventory management.

Road Map Ahead
Marg Compusoft is incorporated with the vision of providing ERP to SMEs at affordable rate and in this regards, it is continuously creating new platforms and solutions which can participate in shaping the future of ERP. Marg’s expert team is working on various other new solutions which will harness the potentials of web, mobile networks and cloud. The team is also looking ahead to flourishing products that will not only benefit the business but also help in building a sustainable society.