Promantia Global Consulting: Enterprises to go Top Gear with Openbravo ERP

CIO Vendor Aspirations of businesses to reach new markets, customers and new horizons compel them to leave behind their traditional ways of managing businesses and go forward with more systematic, swift and mechanized systems that would unite different functions and alleviate the flow of information across different levels of an organization. In unison, the white collar workers need information and access to critical data on their finger tips to make decisions on the move. This is where ERP should not only bring industry’s best practices, but also work in the customer context.

It needs to be customized as per the unique nature of each business ensuring that the cost of ownership, implementation, training & maintenance are optimized. Bangalore based Promantia Global Consulting comes with solutions based on Openbravo, arguably the best open-source ERP offering in the world. Promantia’s solution is tailored for the customer's distinctive business situation, establishing a link between ERP implementation and the customers' goals and challenges through a workshop with key stakeholders. This is based on an understanding that Indian businesses innovate to hold down costs and work around constraints.

Founded in 2009, Promantia provides Openbravo, the winner of 5 BOSSIE (Best of Open Source Software in Enterprises) awards in the ERP category for the last six years. The basic Openbravo product is an ERP platform that covers all major areas of a business with core capabilities around workflow, analytics, RAD framework for tablet, mobile and more.

With deep implementation skills acquired from a multi-level partnership with their principal Openbravo, Promantia is a localization partner for India and development partner for
many international partners. It facilitates joint initiatives with Openbravo on large implementations and enhances system knowledge as a contributor to the core product. “Openbravo, though one of the most popular open source enterprise products is not well known in the Indian market. Our customer references have been our best responses to enterprises who have concerns in this area. We are working with Openbravo to improve the brand visibility in India, which should help address the issue in the longer term,” says Hari Madhavan, Director, Technology Services, Promantia Global Consulting LLP.

Promantia's customer references have been their best responses to enterprises who have concerns in this area of open source ERP

Since inception, Promantia has customized Openbravo ERP for clients in Australia, China, Columbia, Qatar, South Africa and UAE besides India. It has executed several large and complex projects for clients in the financial services, manufacturing, entertainment, logistics and computer software domains. For instance, the company has helped Hisar Metals India Limited by extending the capability of the core Openbravo product for their manufacturing operations, which helped them to track, manage and improve the operational parameters of the plants. Similarly it has helped many big clients like Bangalore based Kieraya Furnishing Solutions, Qatar based Alamer Group Electrical and Switch Gear Materials amongst many others.

Riding on the growth prospects, Promantia wishes to offer BI Consulting Services & tools, and bring integration of practices like ‘Theory of Constraints and Six Sigma’ into the ERP flows to enable clients to more easily adopt these practices. It also envisions enriching the project functionality in Openbravo - so that it has full-fledged project management capabilities.