SAFAL INFOSOFT: Providing Global ERP Solutions while being Local

CIO Vendor In today's highly cut-throat business world, most of the organizations are facing intricacies in selecting suitable ERP for themselves. There are various local vendors in the market, who developed some loosely integrated CRM, inventory solutions or an ERP with limited features, and sell them as a complete ERP package. To overcome this problem, Ahmedabad based SAFAL INFOSOFT PVT. LTD. comes with the best-of-breed offerings in the area of ERP. The company organizes various seminars on ERP to educate the client on the bright overview of ERP to enable them to select the ERP that suits them wisely.

In 2006 a small company by the name of Smart Business Solution emerged in India with its expertise in ERP’s core functionality. In 2009 Smart Business Solution launch with the new identity SAFAL INFOSOFT Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the foremost developer & supplier of SAFAL ERP, SAFAL ERP Lite, turnkey customized solution development, mobile application software, IT related consultancy, Touch Screen KIOSK and outsource software development. It supports customers in identifying application areas, solving the problems & facilitate quicker services through quality control & marketing department as well as attending customer complaints in time. Since inception, SAFAL ERP has inbuilt features of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system. The company development and service units are passed through strict confidentiality measures as per ISO/IEC 27001:2005 processes providing the security and indemnity of universal clients’ data. In 2009, the company received ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and UKAS accreditation from BUREAU VERITAS.
SAFAL offers full fledged ERP solutions which have pre-built 12 plus integrated modules with dynamic customization. SAFAL understands that these small enterprises lack big budgets and hence has completely moved out from the per user licensing mode. Clients can increase the number of users without concerning SAFAL. For some of these enterprises, upgrading the ERP as per the need of the hour is also a heinous task. To relieve them from such concerns, SAFAL’s ERP comes with in-built customized facilities that help the clients modify their solutions themselves without doing any coding.

SAFAL believes that the success of any product does not lie in being just the global product but in being global with a local twist

SAFAL have 24/7 support infrastructure that allows immediate & reliable support to its client. It has online support portal wherein they can get update on specific solutions they are using. SAFAL also has client’s support forum, where clients can login any time and share their ideas, their needs with each other on a single platform.

SAFAL believes that the success of any product does not lie in being just the global product but in being global with a local twist. It has successfully converted its ERP solution in Chinese and Japanese languages for their customers to easily integrate and accustom themselves with their products. The company is looking ahead to cover international market like Gulf, Middle East, European countries, South Asia, Canada and China.