Street Light Software: Curbing Clerical Work for Human Resource Executives

CIO Vendor Kanhai Chhugani, former CEO of Waban Software Private Limited, a bioinformatics company which was acquired by Oracle; saw a window of opportunity when he noticed inadequacies and inaccuracy in their traditional excel sheet Human Resource monitoring methodology. This was evident as their number of personnel eventually grew from 25 to 100 and the work became strenuous for normal manpower to handle. Understanding these decimals in the HR process, Kanhai decided to start Street Light Software a Mumbai-based company, that focuses in addressing these HR issues by leveraging automated HR ERP solutions catering to customized HR needs of diverse clients. “In the diverse gamut of ERP solutions, my company since its inception in 2010 specifically caters to Human Resource. It is a fact that vendors take years to implement ERP systems and even the implementation would be rigid making it difficult and expensive for customers to change their process,” said Kanhai Chhugani, Managing Director, Street Light Software Pvt. Ltd.

Manual Work Diminished
Street Light’s comprehensive ERP platform, EasyHR automates the Human Resource process of organizations based on a SaaS model controlled system. The system is deployed on Street Light’s cloud servers making it flexible and easy to make unforeseen changes with no extra charge, making the enterprise unique in their business model. Other than free after sales service, EasyHR is also automated which is continuously overhauled with the addition of new features. The solution is completely configurable, making a drastic
reduction on the implementation time as opposed to other systems. Traditional HR practices which included the painstaking process of doing rigorous manual updates would not be short of doing mundane clerical work. EasyHR automates these basic functions thus enabling HR executives and management to focus on making their work flow more efficient in dealing with their organization’s personnel. The product based enterprise leverages their technology through license based subscriptions where customers sign up on their website.

EasyHR automates the HumanResource process of organizations based on a SaaS model controlled system

An exemplification is seen when EasyHR was implemented on an organization called Viswaat Chemicals Limited who automated the attendance of their 300 daily wage laborers. Viswaat previously took five days in calculating the payroll; now the ERP solution consolidates this in a day through a biometric machine and producing a consequent report.

Dream to Tread the Globe
Street Light Software is engrossed on global expansion by customizing EasyHR to adapt to the various laws predominant in different countries. EasyHR is just a product within the array of solutions that Street Light produces. The enterprise is currently focused on consolidating the Indian market first and then would strive to fulfill its vision to go global with expansion in the U.S., Europe and mainland Asia like Hong Kong.