ABM Knowledgeware: Streamlining Technologies for E-Governance

CIO VendorOver the past decade, the ERP market has been growing steadily with the Global ERP Software Market expected to touch the 41.69 billion mark by 2020, as per a survey conducted by Allied Market Research. However, even well-integrated ERP softwares encounter numerous challenges including supporting huge data, reengineering key business processes, extensive customization requirements and organizational culture resistance. Mumbai headquartered ABM Knowledgeware ventured into the ERP domain to tackle the numerous drawbacks that come associated with ERP implementation. With the exponential growth of this market, ABM Knowledgeware has been designing solutions that exclusively focus on ERP implementation for E-Governance.
Incorporated in 1993, the company made a strategic decision in 1998 to focus on software solutions that cater to E-Governance in the domestic market. ABM Knowledgeware has since furthered itself in the e-municipality segment with several successfully sustained projects, bringing 750 plus urban local bodies and some of the initial 20 smart cities under its clientele. The company has built customizable ERP frameworks such as ABM MAINet and GRP for enterprise applications in disparate segments including Municipalities, PSUs, Water Authorities, Property Tax Reforms and Accounting reforms.

Customizing ERP for Government and Municipalities
To assist government/ semi government bodies and PSUs in running a paperless office in all of its administrative transactions, ABM Knowledgeware has designed GRP (Government Resource Planning), an integrated office automation system designed on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that allows smooth integration with third party applications and can be deployed in various business models such as SaaS, On Premise and BPO. GRP thus provides integration between various departments of organisations helping them evolve into an end-to-end digitised enterprise.
On the whole, it stands as a robust and scalable solution which offers value for money by reducing cost of ownership and customization need for users. ABM also offers ABM MAINet, a customized ERP for providing eGovernance to a typical municipality, encompassing all citizen services and department workflow. These services are focused on helping clients overcome challenges of e-governance implementation while helping them leverage a significantly higher ROI. “ABM’s deep domain expertise, experience of handling mega sized projects with 1 lac plus users and hundreds of locations are key factors that make us well equipped in addressing these challenges,” says Prakash Rane, MD, ABM Knowledgeware.
In addition to in-house built ERPs, ABM Knowledgeware has SAP practices that aid in covering core functions of e-governance for government bodies. The company’s SAP solution has been employed in the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM), covering almost 70 per cent of its operations to the satisfaction of all its stakeholders. The project included BPR of several processes, huge efforts of capacity building and data preparation with a big bang implementation approach, transforming their core operations and helping them bring a positive impact on clients. ABM is also currently working on a project of providing SAP ERP rollout in 377 municipalities across Madhya Pradesh.
Having a number of ambitious propositions under their wing, ABM Knowledgeware endeavors to enhance their pre-existing offerings with regular upgrades on their technology. With the launch of Digital India programme by Govt. of
India, the company aims to provide digitized services to citizens to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.