Atarw Technologies - Mitigating Aftermarket ERP Predicaments

CIO Vendor Resource planning is a crucial element for companies to minimize their expenditure and unlock their potential. To serve Aftermarket, resources like service engineers, tools, parts, dealer and customer location, and many more are needed to plan and successfully execute the tasks.

Atarw’s aftermarket ERP houses complete set of modules including Parts, Service, Sales, Rental, Customer Service, Remanufacturing, Dealer and Workshop management

Headquartered in Bangalore, Atarw Technologies helps successfully manage the aftermarket complexities through their Aftermarket ERP system. “Atarw’s aftermarket ERP houses complete set of modules including Parts, Service, Sales, Rental, Customer Service, Remanufacturing, Dealer and Workshop management. Atarw’s ERP seamlessly integrates workflows across various departments and brings transparency of information across the company. Management can take informed decisions based on accurate reports generated by the ERP. The reports can be used to pinpoint areas that need attention and take appropriate corrective actions. Our ERP not only significantly reduces revenue outages, but also helps achieve higher efficiency and customer satisfaction,” says Channabasavanna Sharanappa, CEO Atarw Technologies.
Atarw’s aftermarket ERP provides seamless integration between OEM and dealer with different modules like Parts, Service, Warranty, etc. the solution also handles different types of attachments as part of enquiry, quotation, sales order, purchase, and job card. Tax and discount application for line level (part level) or invoice level (on total value) can be easily implemented to meet the client requirements and the regulatory markets they operate on.

Atarw’s basket of products is not limited to aftermarket ERP alone, but Field Services Management, E-learning Solution, EPC and Dealer Management System to name a few. The company has developed REST API’s for shared transactions and masters. These API can be accessed by external system so that data can be exchanged seamlessly.

Success Testimonials
A Fortune Global 500, European Construction & Mining Equipment Manufacturer, was using a legacy system to manage their service delivery. From a service management front, the system did not enable the company to sustain high “sense and respond” operation. The management had honed on quick response as a key differentiator and the existing system was not supporting the required operational efficiency. Addressing customer complaints and resolving within TAT to delight customers was not happening. Customers had to wait long to receive an acknowledgement or redressal of their complaint. Their Management recognized a need for an effective system to track a service engineer's actual field operations and time schedules. They realized a need for priority allocation based on status of the machines (whether idle, breakdown or in operation) to improve their service efficiencies. Managing a rental management program without these inputs was a challenge and management was aware and also worried about possible revenue leakages. Atarw suggested deployment of Field Service Management (FSM) to address their concerns and to effectively capture the complete workflow of the machine status and service status. This resulted in an increase of 98 percent Customer satisfaction, 90 percent reduction in repeat services activity, 75 percent decrease in services overtime and 40 percent Reduction in overall travel costs. This is how Atarw technologies is all set to battle the Aftermarket issues and help clients realize their true potential.