Ecotech Software: ERP Automation for Manufacturing and Retail Supply Chain

CIO Vendor n a progressively IT driven global economic environment, it is indeed very important to promote and facilitate adoption of IT in the textile industry and trade to remain in the national/international competitive market. As the competition is increasing along with margins & timelines being reduced, people in Apparel & Textile Industry have started realizing the need for cost control. Hence, utilizing the Enterprise wide resources to the maximum have become essential. Catering to such organizational demands is Chennai, Tamil Nadu headquartered Ecotech Software. The organization delivers ERP Software for the Apparel & Textile industry and assists them to have good visibility and control over the business in order to improve profitability.

Since its inception in 1998, Ecotech has been helping leading Apparel Manufacturers to implement STAGE ERP software which streamlines the business by integrating information across departments and locations.The company provides an end to end solution to run in every department of an apparel manufacturing unit, while at the same time provides visibility of every order, cut costs at each possible pointand improving the bottom line. As there is a need to seamlessly integrate information across all locations in order to generate meaningful MIS Reports, Ecotech renders ‘STAGE over cloud’ solution to meet this requirement. “We set up client’s private cloud enabling them to connect and work from anywhere, from different devices to provide meaningful reports to take quick decisions”, asserts A.P.S. Velu, CEO, Ecotech.

Manufacturing Cycle Management via STAGE

The apparel & fabric manufacturing industry faces the challenge to improve coordination between operating units and its merchandisers in the head office.

STAGE and PROMAN are Ecotech’s products that cover the entire work flow of apparel & fabric manufacturing cycle

This limits better order management while keeping lid on the production cost. Pertinent to that, STAGE and PROMAN are Ecotech’s products that cover the entire work flow of apparel & fabric manufacturing cycle. STAGE integrates the operations of the clients in different geographical locations through private cloud. This assists the management to consolidate the company’s business information across various sites and departments, thereby offering concise MIS reports to assess the progress that will help in making the right decisions. The implementation team offers onsite support to the client right through installation to training, followed by implementation of STAGE, in a systematic pattern and in a much shorter time in the market, thus giving a competitive edge to the customers. Moreover, Ecotech’s STAGE Retail automates the complete supply chain of the retailer. The stock allocation and warehouse management is automated through an algorithm and transacted through barcodes systems for the distribution as well as point of sale.

Right from Merchandizing, Purchase, Inventory, Payroll & Accounts to shop floor automation, barcoding for inventory & rack allocation, the company has innovated new ways to automate each business process and has set examples to handle extraordinary situations. While building business intelligence (BI), Ecotech emphasizes to add new capabilities to offer a single platform working for optimization with better planning. ‘Improving the client’s bottom line’ is the theme of STAGE.