EDS Technologies - Imparting Engineering solutions that employ IoT, Mobility and Hybrid technologies

CIO Vendor The present day engineering and manufacturing industries find that their otherwise acquiescent markets have undergone a sea-change that is caused by the technology, business and consumer-altered trends. Although a majority of businesses is looking into advanced solutions like Cloud-based ERP to maintain their status quo, there still are businesses who limp along with their legacy ERP softwares. And they are now helpless as they choke on their legacy On-Premise solutions that have not- and –cannot be changed to meet the rapidly changing social and collaborative environment.

EDS Technologies provides SAP PLM to map end-to-end needs of an R&D business processes and Cloud Platform document service powered on SAP HANA

Headquartered in Bangalore, EDS Technologies understands that not everyone welcomes the idea of sharing their information on cloud, especially confidential information related to financial statements. Which is why, the company provides Cloud based solutions that co-exist with their client’s legacy ERP systems for their non-core operations.
EDS Technologies provides SAP PLM to map end-to-end needs of an R&D business processes and Cloud Platform document service powered on SAP HANA,an on-demand content repository for unstructured or semi-structured content. It securely stores SAP data and documents in the cloud and integrate business documents with SAP transactions and processes.

Partnering with Dassault systems, EDS provides ENOVIA, a comprehensive PLM solution that offers rich portfolio of collaborative enterprise business process applications. ENOVIA organizes applications into five user-role based segments namely Governance user, Engineer / Designer, Supply Chain user, Reviewer and IT or Administrator. Applications include ENOVIA Accelerators which provide pre-packaged business processes by industry that not only enables rapid implementation but also an increased ROI. ENOVIA enables the Governance companies to launch enterprise-wide new product introductions on-time and on-budget.

The solution helps the clients in Requirement management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, Decision Support Business Intelligent and Compliancy ENOVIA further, enables SMBs to collaboratively build develop and manage products thereby accelerating innovation while reducing the TTM and cost constraints. Meanwhile, XEEVA, EDS’ Cloud Procurement and Financial solution that cater to Indirect spend (any purchase that does not go to the customer’s final product) enables Clients to float their requirements on the platform while vendors from around the globe bid for these requirements. “Today with almost 15 to 20 percent of the client’s expenditure shadowed by indirect expenses, XEEVA proposes the option of subscribing as opposed to buying the platform as whole which considerably lightens the Cost constraints for the clients,” concludes S. Senthil, President EDS Technologies.