Intellect Bizware: Accelerating Digital Transformation via Swift SAP Deployment Solutions

CIO Vendor The larger enterprises in India have always been using some form of ERP for running their manufacturing and distribution businesses. However now, SME’S have also started looking at ERP solutions beyond financial packages. Keen on embracing digital, most such enterprises approach innovations that are now on cloud and easily accessible on web browser or mobile. This is evidently accelerating as India is among the top adopters of the new S/4HANA solution from SAP which is the leading solution for the digital transformation initiative. Using the SAP S/4HANA platform, Mumbai headquartered Intellect Bizware assists organizations for ERP Implementation, Support and Consulting services. The company’s portfolio includes SAP solutions and in-house Mobile Enterprise Apps and Web Portals. With the notion for going ‘digital’ spreading like wild fire throughout enterprise India and GST doing the rounds at the same time, Intellect Bizware is inclined and ready with a team of 200 SAP consultants to serve the manufacturing industry.

Being a subsidiary of Nihilent Technologies, Intellect Bizware not only implements solutions but also institutionalizes it within the client company’s DNA via a patented change management framework. Customers’ expectations for top end IT consulting services at a good price with quick deployment and a stable ERP system from day one, often proves to be a difficult balancing act for any ERP vendor. However, Intellect Bizware’s engagement model combines the extensive experience of a hands-on senior team with regular consultants constraining the cost without compromising the value that the end customers attain.
With Intellect’s own fast deployment solutions, the system is pre-tested, stable and quickly deployable with no disruption. Also, the company’s developments do not compromise the standard system thereby allowing easy upgradations.

With Intellect’s own fast deployment solutions, the system is pre-tested, stable and quickly deployable with no disruption

Customer Engagement factor
SAP S/4HANA implementations are not just about the tools and methodologies but also about preparing the client for implementation and explaining the bigger picture. Intellect Bizware’s formula of success starts at the very beginning of customer engagement. “We ensure that when a prospective CXO discusses the solution with us, they know what to expect. We also explain the strategic nature of the implementation and the need for their involvement, focus and commitment”, explains SabahatKazi, Co-Founder, Intellect Bizware. The company also enables checks and validations in the system to reduce data entry mistakes as much as possible while handholding the end users once the system is live.

Moving forward, Intellect Bizware plans to become a “GO TO” digital partner for businesses for digital transformation using SAP solutions. With a good number of resources and senior level commitment to S/4HANA, one of the biggest game changer for the digital age, Intellect Bizware looks forward to participate in the endless possibilities for companies to innovate.