Logilite Technologies: Offering SME’s Quicker Rollout of New ERP Implementations

CIO Vendor A significant improvement in the adoption of open source ERP systems that can be tailor-made to meet an organization’s specific business needs, especially SME’s, has been observed. Open source ERP offers a plethora of advantages,the prime one being at a reduced cost with no vendor lock-in. But, rolling out new implementations with open source ERP takes longer time; a definite impediment. Another hindrance, a costly one, most open source ERPs are not largely scalable. Logilite Technologies, hailing from Ahmedabad, counters these issues by being one of the few vendors that offer iDempiere and ADempiere applications. Once the application is downloaded, changes made are proprietary as long as the changes are not distributed outside the organization. The systems are quicker in customization, require lesser efforts for testing and are quick in the rollout of new implementation. It permits organizations to automate processes and implement strategic features in the systems. Logilite’s iDempeire’s ability to extend is commendable. iDempiere will support 100 concurrent users without any real optimization effort and can even go up to 400 concurrent users.

Improving Business with Integrated ERP
Logilite, incorporated in 2011, offers a broad range of services, right from business analysis and needs assessment during ERP planning stages, to ERP implementation, support, software design and custom development.

Delving deeper into the iDempiere solution, it is a strategy that assists organizations to gain a competitive edge within the growing economy. It offers multiple benefits to the customers along the lines of customers having complete access over the sources; they can be installed in further sites, distributed, copied or modified as needed.
One only pays for value added services required to improve business, making the cost ratio of iDempiere the highest in the industry; a major plus point. iDempiere solution has been proven to be a great tool for innovative organizations who want to use it strategically instead of just another system to maintain information.

iDempiere offers multiple benefits to the customers along the lines of customers having complete access over the sources

Logilite offers ERP integrated E-Commerce and content management system in addition to the above mentioned services. The company claims to understand how to implement a web strategy and concentrates on a conversion-focused design for effective lead generation. The company works with Open Source frameworks like Alfresco, Liferay, Drupal and Wordpress to achieve this. Logilite deduces the company’s business goals and construct sites with required content to attract visitors and are directed through a defined path to conversion, even on mobile devices.

With the growing demand for ERP implementation, it is anticipated that companies will begin developing independent modules that will assist in connecting ERP with other legacy systems easily. In perfect alignment with their combined expertise in ERP, E-Commerce and ECM, Logilite believes in producing better integrations with systems. The company is taking giant strides towards improving the ERP domain, working on many integration projects and shaping up integration re-usable tools.