MindCom - Implementing ERP to accomplish Campus Management System for Educational Institutions

CIO Vendor With Enterprise resource planning being one of the popular business management systems these days, more customers are deploying ERP solutions for reaping the benefits of real-time capabilities and seamless communication. As the emerging areas impacting the ERP solutions include mobile solutions, Cloud offerings, powerful reporting solutions and easy integration capabilities; hence a successful ERP implementation results in faster deployments, incorporating effective usage of industry best practices, cost effectiveness as investment in hardware and internal overheads is minimized. Assisting firms to evaluate and select apt ERP software is Bangalore based Mindcom that helps organizations to minimize ERP risk, accelerate implementation progress, and increase the success and value of ERP initiatives.

Mindcom furnishes an exclusive Education ERP Product that allows an institution to efficiently manage the business process across various departments

Being a niche consulting firm specializing in the enterprise resource planning (ERP), market for mid-sized companies across the globe; Mindcom renders an exquisite range of service offerings for the automotive industry extending from Engineering and Enterprise IT to KPO solutions along with a broadened service horizon of detailed ERP solutions to build web based and user friendly ERP System catering to various Industry verticals.
Established in 2007, Mindcom also caters services like Product Engineering, Business Consulting and BI solutions along with solutions for Mobile & Web Application Development, Custom Development and e-Commerce to name a few.

Moreover as the technological advancements are resulting in difficulties of integrating the ERP systems with the internal systems, Mindcom furnishes an exclusive Education ERP Product that allows an institution to efficiently manage the business process across various departments, thereby, improving the communication and collaboration across departments and divisions. Mindcom CMS, a collaborative platform offering large set of modules designed keeping in mind all kind of requirements and activities that take place in any kind of educational institution, is an easy to customize Campus Management System that can be operated from anywhere and can integrate all functions on a single platform. “The ERP system provides easy to use features across all set of users and an effective communication model and the analytics system of the company brings together client's data and turns it into useful information for speedy decision making.” says Piyush Singh, CIO of Mindcom Group.

Now a days the ERP system should be capable of integrating different sections of their diversified operations into a single, cohesive and easy-to-use system. However, the cost of ERP software, planning, customization, configuration, testing, implementation is quite high, and if the institution does not plan well it may fail to achieve the expected outcomes. “Thus Mindcom ERP offers services right from Consulting, Implementations & Rollouts, Integrations, Upgrades & Migration, Application Management & Support, Custom Developments & Enhancements, Database Support, Hosting and Testing.” adds Piyush.

Mindcom furnishes role based smart dashboards for each user resulting in easy access to important data and accurate details, thereby facilitating stakeholders to take informed decisions. The company further plans to cater cloud offerings, industry specific bundles, along with the powerful reporting solutions tightly integrated with the ERP, facilitating the ease of integration. With Mindcom Campus Management System, Administrators, Teachers and Parents can work more closely resulting in better and efficient management thereby lowering administrative cost.