Syscon Cronus: Optimizing Business Processes with Simplified and Affordable ERP Solutions

CIO Vendor ERP as terminology is as old as 40 years. But the way ERP is expected to be delivered and supported is completely changed. In this fast-food era, the customers are expecting a ready to use ERP solution with no need for a systems study, at low cost, smooth data migration, implementation with short cycle of go-live. From this standpoint, ERP market is still an underserved. Recognising this fact, Syscon Cronus, hailing from Hyderabad, tries to align between the extremes of low cost accounting packages and expensive, complicated ERP systems to cater to customers who have outgrown accounting pages and are looking for affordable ERP solutions. Incorporated in 1996 by Vijay Venkatesh, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Syscon Solutions, the company also offers long term support, implementation and post implementation services to ensure maximum benefits of ERP to the consumer.

Through its inclusive system, Syscon believes to have built a strong configuration to carefully address such functionalities and critical business specific requirements for various industries such as Electrical, Electronic, Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. The system integrates sale order, inventory, purchase, planning and production modules to enable the manufacturing clients to have close monitoring of production consumption, work in progress, production cycle time, cost variance, on time delivery and such tasks. The company also has a team of knowledgeable consultants to ensure a smooth transition during the Implementation phase. Vijay adds that Syscon’s ability for 100 percent remote implementation & support gives a unique advantage to deliver the ERP system any where globally at a lower cost.
Culture is one of the prime strength of Syscon in its 20 years of journey. It is employee first. The culture helps all at Syscon to easily understand why we do what we do. In turn translate to the Customer, how we do. We are clear at Syscon, money is just a by product of work done well. So the focus is work not the money.

Syscon has moved ahead on the digital marketing route and has turned from traditional outbound selling to inbound enquiry and sales.

Focusing on the Enterprise and SMEs Market
When it comes to clients, along with Enterprise Syscon also has a special focus for the SME’s (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises), who have the same functional requirements as of the large Enterprises. The company has collaborated with the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Fapcci) to provide solutions to Micro and Small Sized Industries (MSME’s) in the state. Syscon is also looking to collaborate with many Chamber of commerce and Industry Associations to deliver its low cost ERP solution for large number of Industries.
Given the size of an ERP system and its complexity, which is expected at a competitive price, only smart ,strategic and long-term players can survive this market” articulates Vijay. In keeping with the evolving trends, Syscon has moved ahead on the digital marketing route and has turned from traditional outbound selling to inbound enquiry and sales. To activate the prospects, Syscon has very attractive Freemium offerings with complete support. The company has also shifted from on-site implementation to complete remote implementation, enabling them to overcome hindrances created by geographical barriers.