V-Serve Consultants: Ensuring a Comfortable ERP Usage Experience

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he implementation of an ERP system brings far reaching changes in an organization and its processes. Hence, top management must realize that better ease of usage is essential to ensure that employees understand and accept the changes brought about by ERP. Understanding the importance of user’s comfort in using an ERP system is the New Delhi headquartered V-Serve Consultants Pvt. Ltd. V-Serve is a certified IT company, with quality management system, providing a wide spectrum of solutions and consulting services.

A constant challenge has been the comparison of exiting/ legacy software or customized software with the deployed Standard ERP. Short cuts in entering data, adamancy to use keyboard commands and short keys also creates constraints in deploying Standard ERP in legacy based companies. To untangle these constraints, V-Serve Consultants Pvt. Ltd. creates easy test scripts to make user entry simple and ensures user friendly workplace-home page, documented entry flows, commands & short key usages. Following standard methodology, engaging appropriate consultants, forecasting delays and backup plan allows the company to enhance usage experience with ERP clients.

As for the ROI generation from ERP, the company customizes its solutions to user acceptance, which stands as an exceptional advantage for V-Serve. The company works towards changing the makeover of the solution as per user expectations and design dynamic MIS reports to facilitate visibility of the information required by the management. Also, the flexibility of dynamic reporting is extended to excel/word integration as well.

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Above all, V-Serve’s dynamic and scalable approach towards customer needs has been the vital factor to satisfy and retain the company’s valuable customers.
“Our approachable attitude towards customers as well as amongst employees helps to build a strong team of deployment from either end”, says Brijesh Srivastava, Director, V-Serve. All this explains how ERP implementation of any domain- Manufacturing, Trading, Service, Retail, Automobile, Power, Construction and Project Management, Garments or complexity has never restricted V-Serve from accepting any project. V-Serve’s Microsoft ERP offerings include Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Axapta and Microsoft Business Intelligence. Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP- being a Microsoft product- allows user friendly GUI and scalability for integration with other applications and customizations within the solution. Moreover, it has strong India localization updations for statutory norms. V-Serve also provides life cycle ERP solutions that include Requirement Analysis, Enterprise Architecture Design, customization (designing and development), re-platforming /re-designing, migration, Quality Assurance & Testing, implementation, technical documentation, training, rollout, support services, helpdesk and application maintenance. V-Serve’s multiple services and solutions under single roof helps the company in educating the customers about pre-requisites, risks and benefits before implementing any solution or service. From feasibility study to implementation plans, V-Serve’s consultancy works for the customer to acquire the adequate system as per need, roadmap and budget.

Company works towards changing the makeover of the solution as per user expectations and design dynamic MIS reports

The future foresees changes primarily in terms of usage trends for an ERP i.e browser and mobile app based. V-Serve has already started working its way up the ladder to design and bring to the table, strategic applications and usage to address future trends.