Acme Infovision - Meeting the Niche Requirements of the Jewelry Industry

CIO Vendor The Jewelry and Gem industry is one of the most important segments in the country and contributes to nearly 6-7% of India’s GDP. With close to over five hundred thousand players in the Indian market and a surplus of transactional data generated regularly within the business, ERP software is perceived to be a great asset for the jewelry industry as it functions as a proven support for the manufacturing, wholesaling and retail sectors of this domain. However, as a typically unorganized segment with limited brands, the jewelry industry has proven to be quite challenging owing to the recurrent changes in consumer trends and fluctuations in raw material pricing. As a result, there is a need for technology partners with extensive domain expertise to deliver customized ERP implementations that can fulfill the shifting requirements of this niche industry. Satara, Maharashtra headquartered Acme Infovision Systems meets this requirement with its very own comprehensive ERP software for Jewelry Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers.

Since its inception in 1994, Acme Infovision has been focused on delivering easy-to-use, scalable and customizable software for Enterprise Resource Planning, Accounting, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Merchant Services, to name a few. The company’s ERP- Acme Infinity, incorporates advanced management techniques and security norms to cater to the niche business process management requisites of small, medium-sized and large chain jewelry businesses across the country.

“As an unorganized sector without formal business processes, the jewelry industry’s requisites are rarely fulfilled by Tier 1 and 2 ERPs that require extensive customization and complex up-gradations. Acme leverages its vast domain expertise to meet these niche requirements with its complete ERP suite - Acme Infinity,” explains Kailas Bhat, Director, Acme Infovision.

Having catered to small, mid-scale and high-end jewelers in a period of over a decade, Acme Infovision has built extensive technical expertise in this domain

In order to help jewelry businesses become more organized in today’s competitive scenario, Acme Infinity incorporates modules for Maker Checker Concept, Business Process Flow Management and Day End Processes, as well as technological inventions such as Bar Codes, RFID, Digital Cameras and QR codes, to equip organizations with complete control over all parameters of their business. The platform also includes features such as user-wise location setting, Comprehensive audit trail, Password Protection and Fingerprint devices, to avail the latest security norms for system implementation.

Moreover, after implementation of the system, Acme Infinity avails Online Transaction Entry, systematic Day End, maintenance of inventory, accounting of the Balance Sheet, and determination of consumer buying trends, to furnish businesses with a variety of MIS Reports for ease in decision making and maximize their sales with minimum stock. In addition to providing Workflow Management, Acme Infovison’s ERP also caters to pre-execution planning and scheduling phases and post-execution feedback operations, along with HR and CRM solutions, to aid the businesses in reaching out to their customers in a more systematic and methodological way.

Having catered to small, mid-scale and high-end jewelers in a period of over a decade, Acme Infovision has built extensive technical expertise in this domain. Leveraging this expertise, the company is now set to launch Acme Jewel Cloud, a web-based, Cloud- Based platform to further enhance its reach in the jewelry business, in the upcoming future.