Freedom Software Solution - Incisive ERP Systems to Visualize Organizational Processes as a Whole

CIO Vendor Today, a plethora of companies are embracing ERP solutions for attaining deeper insights to refine their business operations. Enterprises around the world realize the relevance of an advanced ERP software in an organization for integrating diversified business functions into a single unified unit. Most importantly, they seek user-friendly ERP systems for reinforcing them to uncover better ways of performing their operations more effectively and efficiently. Being a one-stop hub to address entire ERP, CRM and Payroll requirements of Manufacturing Enterprises, Chennai headquartered Freedom Software Solution (FSS) steps to the fore with its appealing user-friendly ERP solutions. “All manufacturing industries, specifically Small and Medium scale industries, can leverage our solutions. Currently, we have more than 200 customers across our country and FSS' solutions help them better streamline their old systems, processes and further improve to accomplish greater organizational efficiency,” unveils Arumugam Govindhan, CEO of Freedom Software Solution Pvt. Ltd. FSS focuses on delivering enhanced after-sales support to its customers. CNC Machining, Forging, Casting, Assembly Units, Plastic/Rubber Moulding Units and Pressed Component industries are FSS' major customers.

For tackling manufacturing space's current as well as evolving operational challenges, FSS brings out its ERP products that are named as entERPrise and Cloud EntERPrise. While rendering these products, the company aims to improve manufacturing ambience, specifically for those who do not have an effective system in hand or occupy person dependent systems. “Our products are suitable for almost all major types of manufacturing sectors. We have a blend of young and experienced engineers who can meet any customization requirements with both speed and accuracy,” affirms Arumugam Govindhan.
Moreover, FSS' software is designed to run predefined algorithms at a scheduled time according to customer requirements.

With digitization and GST initiatives, we aspire that both our entERPrise and Cloud entERPrise can make our customers' lives easier

Obviously, FSS crosses the threshold of ERP regime with its entERPrise, an ultimate solution for manufacturers. While freeing enterprises from the complexities of business, the solution enables them to integrate their diversified processes into a single unit. “Understanding the requirements of the manufacturing industry, we have designed entERPrise solution with greater user-friendliness. Data analysis and efficient tracking become extremely easy tasks with FSS' entERPrise,” adds Arumugam Govindhan. The product encompasses modules such as Marketing, Sales, Planning, QA, QMS, Plant Maintenance, Purchase, Stores, Payroll and Finance etc.

Staying abreast of latest technologies, FSS offers its product Cloud entERPrise to gain more visibility into data. According to Arumugam Govindhan, “Cloud entERPrise, our latest product allows customers to choose the way they want to see and analyze data. It helps our customers quickly verify and understand what is happening inside their organization. Furthermore, they can remotely control /understand both what is on-track and off-track, which support them to take faster decisions”.

From a business perspective, FSS is focused on becoming one of the top five ERP companies in India with appreciable global presence. “With digitization and GST initiatives, we aspire that both our entERPrise and Cloud entERPrise can make our customers' lives easier. We envisage serving more clientele in the domestic as well as international market,” signs off Arumugam Govindhan.