Ginni Systems Limited - Bolstering Retail Value Chain with a Comprehensive ERP Software

CIO Vendor Today, companies are continuously collaborating with skilled ERP experts to discover new ways to conduct their business operations more efficiently. The demand for a comprehensive ERP system for the smooth functioning of the entire retail value chain is high. Gurgaon headquartered Ginni Systems Limited steps to the fore with an end-to-end retail ERP solution, Ginesys, to automate entire business operations in the retail value chain right from manufacturing to wholesale and retailing of the product. Perceiving the significant value of GST in today's business scenario, Ginesys' proactive R&D team offers its real-time retail ERP as a GST-ready software along with features like flexibility and scalability. “Since our inception in 2006, we have been positioned as a prominent leader in the ERP space by delivering our product, implementation and after sales support. Our retail ERP software incorporates entire modules for retail value chain right from production to POS. This gives us an edge over our competitors, specifically in fashion and lifestyle brands, and supermarket segments,” unveils Prashant Lohia, Founder and CEO of Ginni Systems Limited.

In the retail market landscape, Ginesys aids businesses right from sourcing, distribution, replenishment, promotions, loyalty programs to POS and billing. “Our ERP software helps both retailers and brands, and takes care of their different business formats like MBOs, EBOs, Franchisee stores, SIS and online retailing. Hence, it provides freedom for doing business irrespective of sales channels,” affirms Prashant Lohia.

Apparel Manufacturing is complex and cannot be handled through a general manufacturing software. Ginesys is capable not only to reinforce Production but also manage Complex Manufacturing.
Prashant says, “Our comprehensive Manufacturing module can integrate well with demand and distribution channel. As per urgency, it optimizes allocation of production lines and meets necessities by means of production planning. Tracking if the progress is in line with production plan will be at one's fingertips. Also, Ginesys helps manage both in-house and jobber based production.” Furthermore, its POS software is an integral part of Ginesys. It can function in offline mode and synchronize with back-office application automatically when internet is available. Promotions, item master and relevant information can flow from backend to POS, thereby giving a complete control over retail chain. Moreover, fast billing and loyalty program integration enhance customers' in-store experience. At present, Ginni Systems is swiftly moving towards Cloud POS.

Our ERP software helps both retailers and brands, and takes care of their different business formats like MBOs, EBOs, Franchisee stores, SIS and online retailing

Undeniably, offline retailers face increased competition from new retail formats such as eCommerce and web stores. “Ginesys has already adapted to it, hence the same backend and inventory management solution can be used for both online and offline retail,” adds Prashant.

Considering the difficulties of compliance and return filing in the initial GST era, Ginni Systems has already rolled out EaseMyGST, a GST return filing solution, which is fully integrated with Ginesys. Currently, the company pays heed to the integration on Mobile, eCommerce and CRM.