Optigo - Delivering an Integrated Cloud-based Solution for Jewellery Manufacturers and Wholesalers

CIO Vendor Empowered by the advent of the digital era, consumers today are making new demands in terms of product features and quality, price and comfort of delivery. As the digitally driven business takes over traditional business methodologies, channels for procurement, production, sales and marketing must align and adapt to new customer requirements. Hiren Patel views CX strategy (Customer Experience) to emerge as a key element in driving the digital economy. He states, “Being digital is not just a question of size but the degree to which digital practices and capabilities are embedded in the organization.”

Hiren Patel heads Optigo Apps as the Founder and CEO. Built on a next-generation secure cloud platform and advance web technology, Optigo Apps responds to jewelry manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers with mobility, giving each stakeholder a competitive edge in the market. The solution not only connects the executive team but every stakeholder in real time, enabling them to sync, collaborate and usher in an informed workplace environment.

Speaking of the solution’s ability to help jewellery manufacturers work seamlessly, the CEO delineates, “Optigo Apps empowers every corner of business from sales-representatives to craftsmen-workman, thus improving the product quality and business standards in the process without any stress.” Elaborating on his statement, Hiren Patel explains, “The agility and efficiency of Optigo make production teams more responsive. This results in the tasks getting done faster. The built-in production process features are easy and productive. Working on the cloud enables teams to work seamlessly across all channels like sales, CRM, operations and finance. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Optigo’s order processing has never been this quicker.”
Optigo brings in the capability to significantly shorten the product life cycle through the integrated apps in Optigo backend and online web-store. The Optigo e-Catalog feature assists to optimize inventory, thus enabling the optimum management of business investments. The solution also simplifies bookkeeping and records tracking as well as functions such as workflow of raw material inventory like solitaire diamonds. From deliveries to Estimated Time of Arrival, Optigo streamlines the entire process including billing. As a matter of fact, Optigo Apps gives jewellery vendors a complete 360-degree view of the sales cycle.

Optigo stands as one of the most scalable solutions for growing businesses witnessing a million transactions per day

However, Optigo’s features do not end here. The Optigo Diamond Search Tool enables the rapid search through the inventory or request for a specific diamond from thousands using the Advance booking & Demand Creation (OTS-system). The Comparison tool and Pairs Search Tool allow jewellers to match pairs in percentages of Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity, Fluorescence, Symmetry, Polish and several other properties. The solution has also been integrated with Rapaport and offers customers multi-currencies with online and offline payment option.

The completely secure and integrated cloud-based online jewellery solution has been developed and refined app by app, feature by feature, hence resulting in a solution that is simple, easy-to-use and above all effective. The integration with AI further strengthens Optigo in the segment. Today, Optigo stands as one of the most scalable solutions for growing businesses witnessing a million transactions per day. Gearing up for a channel-less customer experience, the team at Optigo hopes to completely transform the jewellery industry.