Osource Global - Transforming Businesses with a Comprehensive BPM-Aided ERP Framework

CIO Vendor The past few years have witnessed a shift in the way traditional organizations use Enterprise Resource Planning, with businesses now procuring the ability to break down entire department silos and barriers. Companies are now leveraging ERP to remove the barriers between themselves and their customers, to better understand customer trends and product requirements, as well as bring innovation-driven tools to their clientele. However, although ERP software equips enterprises with myriad benefits through automating and integrating processes across the organization, understanding and leveraging the complete potential of ERP can be a daunting task in itself. ERP implementation often affects entire organizations such as processes, people, and culture, bringing with it a number of challenges that need to be overcome while executing these systems. Factors such as the sheer size, complexity, time consumption and exorbitant investments in implementation and up-gradation of ERP, present companies with a number of hurdles in navigating the software.

Furthermore, the advent of the new digital era has fuelled every organization’s need to grow, evolve and adopt technology that can address the changing needs of its customers and capture new business potential. Acknowledging these pressing concerns, Mumbai headquartered Osource India Pvt. Ltd. endeavors to make a substantial impact in the ERP domain with BPM enabled ERP software that can meet the evolving demands of the digital era and bring transformational benefits to its users.

Since its inception in 2004, Osource has functioned as a platform-enabled Business Process Management Company that focuses on integrated end-to-end IT Software and Business Process Outsourcing to deliver operational efficiency to its clients through reduced costs, ongoing productivity improvements and process reengineering. With a comprehensive portfolio of offerings that includes ERP, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, HR Management & Financial Accounting, Document Management, Asset & Liability System, HR Outsourcing and BPO operations, Osource provides advanced solutions to a wide range of large, medium-sized & small sized enterprises as well as blue-chip multinational firms and setups, across India, Middle-East and Australia.

To bring this about, Osource leverages its deep understanding of the nature of business as well as the nuances of client operations, to address every organization’s unique challenges and requirements. “Based on our experience in serving corporate clients across different geographies, Osource knows and understands the broad-level challenges encountered by prospective clients in today’s software implementations,” explains Devendra Murkute, Director, Osource India. “Our solutions are thus designed with the latest technology to cater to the clients’ continuous need for scalability, data security, disaster recovery and un-interrupted business continuity,” he goes on to add.

Ensuring Real-Time Business Capabilities with Onex ERP
Leveraging over two and a half decades of industry expertise while also aligning with upcoming technology innovations, Osource brings to its clients, the most up-to-date, robust ERP systems and implementation services through its Onex ERP suite. The ERP framework which is available on both Cloud and On-Premise platforms has been designed with a focus on quick product configuration and ease of comfort of users in diverse industries such as BPO’s, Development Companies, Engineering Architects, CA’s and Lawyers, to name a few. Built on the Oracle database with the flexibility to connect to third-party software and applications, the Onex ERP equips its users with an improved workflow and enhanced visibility as well as mobile capabilities, to help organizations keep pace with their business operations in real-time. Prior to implementation, Osource also determines an extensive list of requirements of the client to be addressed in the ERP. The company additionally provides ERP training and post-implementation support and maintenance services to ensure maximum benefits of the ERP for the users.

Moreover, Osource’s ERP is offered with an inclusive BPM framework that features end-to-end user definable workflows to track transactions and simplify processes for its customers. Integrated with the ERP, this BPM product provides pre-defined electronic workflows to eliminate time-consuming customizations and business enhancements, while also allowing its users the freedom to define their transactions within the application. “Osource has always focused on developing and designing the ERP in a manner so as to allow the admin/user to configure the product to a major extent. Moreover, since the product has been developed in-house and has been upgraded from time to time in alignment with the changing market dynamics; the need for customizations and change management remains minimal,” reveals Devendra.
Osource’s Onex suite also includes a Finance and Accounts framework that has been designed to manage all aspects of an organization’s financial management. Osource accomplishes this with the help of a passionate team of professionals whose sound knowledge in the finance realm has helped the company bring the required financial expertise to every project and industry. With a particular focus on the requisites of the top management, the Onex Finance & Accounts Suite offers fully-integrated accounting software to comprehensively manage a company’s finances. Through incorporating powerful features for the maintenance of data related to receivables, payables, and general accounting, this framework plays an important role in recording all transactions, customized invoicing, collections, outstanding tracking, vendor management and an end to end fixed asset management. The software also provides adequate flexibility to allow multi-country operations between multiple companies, multi-currencies, and user-defined cost centers as well as the drill-down of budgets along with MIS at each level. “One of the unique features of this suite is that it allows certain business entities to manage their accounting on a cash basis concept thereby maintaining two parallel books on statutory accounting & cash basis accounting, without any duplicate data entry,” adds Devendra. On the whole, the Onex Finance & Accounts Suite provides a complete set of accounting software functionality that is both comprehensive and flexible to manage a variety of enterprises ranging from small businesses to large multinational corporations; with multiple legal entities and divisions as well as centralized and decentralized accounting.

Driving Business Outcomes through Integrated BPO Services
Another arena where Osource has established a stronghold is that of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), where the company combines its industry expertise and operational excellence to render BPO services that can meet the evolving needs of the digital era. Through investing in technology and process innovations such as robotic process automation and artificial intelligence, Osource caters to intelligent business platforms that can combine with its clients’ existing IT landscape and lead to predictive modeling, thereby ensuring the right business outcomes. Developed and shaped over a period of 12 years, Osource’s BPO offering seamlessly combines Business Transformation Services, Knowledge Services, Back Office Services and Technology Enabled Services to serve as an integrated BPO platform. “Our ability to drive performance improvement across multiple aspects of our client’s business processes as opposed to focusing on a single aspect, primarily differentiates us from our competitors,” affirms Devendra.

The Onex finance & accounts suite provides a complete set of accounting software functionality that is both comprehensive and flexible to manage a variety of enterprises

As a part of its comprehensive BPO suite, Osource renders HR Outsourcing services that are specifically designed for various functionalities of the HR value chain, ranging from Recruitment, life cycle and payroll, to compliances and Exit management. The solution stands apart from that of its more traditional contenders on account of being a completely owned & managed platform-based solution that includes pre-built global HR processes, thereby creating a one-stop shop where HR managers & employees can address their related requirements. In addition to HR Outsourcing, Osource’s BPO suite is also inclusive of a Finance and Accounting Outsourcing (FAO) Practice that deploys quality management principles and tools of business management, to ensure that its users are more process than people dependent. Committed to going beyond operational deliverables, this practice involves vendor payment processing, employee expense reimbursement, receivables management, monthly/yearly closures, general ledger, book-keeping and fixed assets management services, to deliver measurable ROIs to CFO’s in different industries.

Having ventured into a number of industry verticals in a span of over a decade, Osource India has gained vast experience in building Business Process Management solutions for a global clientele. Since its ideation in 2004, the company has grown from a few 100 employees to a strong workforce of over 2000 employees in 2017. The company has also established multiple offices in the Indian cities of Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and has penetrated the Global markets of Australia, UAE and the US with its expansive portfolio of offerings.
Combining this expertise with the market and business intelligence of its team, Osource hopes to incorporate rapidly growing technology innovations such as Big Data, Machine Learning, AI and Chatbots to build customized solutions for businesses. Already en route to achieving this target, the company is all set to launch its AI-driven HR and CRM platforms in the beginning of the upcoming year.