Pisoft Informatics - Redefining Technology, Enabling Automation

CIO Vendor India is one of the fastest growing IT solutions provider in the world. Because of production of best IT solutions with a proven record, India has created domestic as well as international demand for IT solutions in all segments of business. The increasing demand for IT solutions has made it mandatory to have a stable solution for organization automation and management. Headquartered in Mohali (Pb), Pisoft Informatics Pvt. Ltd. provides ERP Software solutions under the name “PisoftERP” to various industries to aid them in managing their day to day business processes. “Our efforts remain to enable automation for our client’s business. It is always proven that instant information not only saves time and energy but also makes the entire process more productive and efficient with a strong accuracy in information flow that too in real-time”, elaborates Pritpal Singh Kang, Director, Pisoft Informatics Pvt. Ltd.

The company provides web-based automation and management ERP application, PisoftERP on SaaS model. The application assures smooth administration and management of all the activities with greater flexibility. It provides better interaction between all stakeholders with an ease, to make effective managerial decisions by reducing the gap between information and the users to maintain faster communications.

Becoming a success story of their client’s business, PisoftERP assists them in their overall growth by handling Big Data, complex calculations and confidential information etc., in all respects. At present Pisoft provides ERP solutions for Education, Finance, Medical & Healthcare, Transport, Tours & Travels and Service industries. These products are known as Education System Management ERP (ESME), Finance System Management ERP (FSME), Medical and Healthcare System Management ERP (MSME), Tours and Travel System Management ERP (TSME), Transport System Management ERP (TrSME) and Services System Management ERP (SSME). ESME by Pisoft makes interaction easy with real-time updating of information that is exchanged among stakeholders in different departments and levels having access to relevant information as per the requirement and record.
ESME take care of Admission process, Fees, Student Management, Staff Management, HR, Accounts, Reports, Certificates, Parents Logins, Hostel and Transport to name a few. Along with managing the whole working of the Credit Cooperative Societies, FSME also manages day to day working of any financial organization. FSME enables Credit Cooperative Societies to manage their business with various modules that include Members, HR, Agents, Deposit Schemes (RD, FD etc.) and more. Conveying the right information is one of the paramount factors of the Tours & Travels industry. Pisoft’s TSME provides real-time information and is equipped with modules like Tour Planning, Tour Booking, Billing, HR Management, Accounts Management, and more. Similarly, Pisoft’s MSME, TrSME and SSME have their individual modules. The economical pricing and easy payment modes make PisoftERP affordable even to startups.

Pisoft Informatics provides ERP Software solutions under the name “PisoftERP” to various industries to aid them in managing their day to day business processes

Through Pisoft’s portals, common users can get the right information and directly get in contact with merchants. The merchant’s business gets an extra hand and good push through the portals to gain more business and tap customers directly. Pisoft also provide Online Technical Support, AMC’s, Hosting etc. Pisoft endeavors to provide the best services to their customers. The professional approach and hard work of every stakeholder in the company builds an environment of positive workflow and deliverables.

Witnessing a positive growth in the past, Pisoft aims to establish itself as a brand name in the IT industry. “With our defined goals and positive approach we are looking forward to moving at a progressive pace, to be one of the market leaders in the next five years,” signs off P.S. Kang.