Revuesoft Solutions India - Delivering In-Demand Skills in Niche Areas of Emerging Automation Techno

CIO Vendor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have to be at the heart of any strategy that aims at process automation. Real-time visibility and control over business process along with a clear view of the possible bottlenecks are amongst the benefits that organizations often derive from these systems. Krishnakanth V, Chairman & Managing Director- Revuesoft Solutions and Swathi B, Co-Founder and Director adds that the market is further driven by innovation, service platforms and consulting in SME and Education sector, presenting ERP solution providers with exciting market opportunities.

Revuesoft Solutions, a Hyderabad headquartered firm is a key player in the ERP segment. Driven by seasoned industry professionals, the firm boasts of deep and genuine skills and tools in niche areas of the emerging application development. The Chairman & Managing Director further delineates, “Revuesoft Solutions proudly partners with industry-leading companies to provide customers with highly secure, automation software solutions and services. We understand that modernizing the operations and managing the day to day activities requires the skills and expertise of a number of people to deliver on the promise of a smart automation.” Building on this foundation and industry expertise, Revuesoft has put forth chiefly two flagship ERP products viz. RACE ERP, an integrated accounting and ERP system and CampuSmart, an end to end University Management Solution.

Swathi B speaks of RACE ERP as a system that can take care of all accounting and business management needs of any organization, irrespective of the size. The solution has been architected taking the various business processes, workflows and functional requirements across verticals and industry domains into consideration. Hence we find RACE ERP in three flavours- Basic, Business & Enterprise, each of which targets the small and medium enterprise companies as well as MNCs.
CampuSmart, on the other hand, has been designed to cater and scale as per the requirements of various educational institutions and universities of varying sizes and is available in two versions viz., Business and Enterprise. Every feature, functionality, and reports delivered by both the solutions are completely customizable with little effort. To top it all, both the software can be hosted locally and online.

Revuesoft Solutions proudly partners with industry-leading companies to provide customers with highly secure, automation software solutions and services

The firm is also addressing to the overwhelming demand for digital automation technology stacks and business mobile solutions across disruptive and transformative use cases through their Software and Product Development Services. Herein Krishnakanth V says, “Revuesoft delivers to these needs by providing a highly intuitive user experience glue to the transformational tech stack and legacy/existing stacks. Revuesoft provides end to end design, development, implementation, and training of automation solutions using multi-skilled resources and through a carefully nurtured partner ecosystem for niche skills.”

Currently, the firm has directed its efforts towards strengthening its foothold in the SME and MSE markets of India. In the near future, we can expect to see Revuesoft expanding its clientele beyond the nation to include the Middle East and Europe. Revuesoft Solutions is also expanding Mobility Solutions, Application Development and Maintenance Services and hopes to emerge amongst the TOP 5 Tier 3 companies globally in automation and public utility services mobility space.

Revuesoft Solutions has developed the most innovative NPA-Tracker Mobile app for Banks and financial companies to track their NPA accounts live and monitor the recovery. The App facilitates a clear visibility of the NPA accounts recovery and monitoring of the team performance to the top Management.