Epicor Accelerating Digital Transformation With Novel Erp Solutions

CIO Vendor Offering an integrated view of core business processes, ERP solutions have been in the market for quite a while and are being implemented across various industry verticals such as manufacturing organizations, government organizations or trading organizations. It has moved through the stage of metamorphosis. Challenged with an ever-changing global landscape, enterprises are strong-armed into rolling out the product quickly in order to maintain as little inventory as possible. This is followed with the need for flexibility of customization without adding to the costs. In a world where a customer-centric approach has increasingly gained traction, customers are now highly educated and demand an easy consumer experience from their B2B business partners.

“Clients are no longer in a position where they have no choice. Rather, they’re in a position where they can inform themselves about the various options available and then exercise choice and discretion before making a purchasing decision. This environment has contributed to the on-demand economy,” opines Hesham El Komy, Regional Vice President, MEAI, Epicor. Additionally, with automation replacing manual jobs that now seem redundant the younger and well-informed workers are more demanding than ever before, scouting for advanced technology they can utilize within their work environment. In sync with the evolution of ERP since 1972 is Epicor that caters to every real life business challenges of customer with its extended ERP product. “Our focus is on the mid-market where organizations want solution that fit their industry requirement and provide ease of use and low total cost of ownership. In addition, Epicor solutions help reduce cycle times, lower costs, improve quality and service levels, resulting in an improved revenue and bottom line,” says Hesham. The end-to-end industry-specific software has been designed and developed to fit the precise needs of its manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service industry customers. Having worked alongside more than 20,000 customers, Epicor has amassed this deep industry expertise, gained serving every unique business process and operational requirement and leveraged it to incorporate the same into its solutions, in the cloud or on-premise. Managing sales and operations, including growing the channel partner network throughout the region, Hesham adds “We have customers who have been using Epicor for over 30 years. Our solutions evolve with the latest industry requirements and trends to help our customers face the future.” Staying abreast of trending technologies, Epicor extends its futuristic technology platform for innovation and growth to support a business both today and into the future, allowing for greater and easier connectedness with an open architecture and extensibility. An advantageous feature for geographically dispersed organizations is the option of Epicor multi-company that permits employing the solution on a single server/single database, or on multiple databases and multiple servers around the world as required.

Deciphering the Language of Data The solution proves to be highly profitable, boosts business growth and improves productivity within every organization. Striving to deliver exceptional performance that translates into the much sought after profitability, Epicor ERP enables stronger, fact-based decisions with robust, built-in analytics to help businesses achieve that profitability. These analytics help one to understand the impact of engineering changes that proffer better insights into making more informed decisions and optimize inventory utilization. In addition to this, it offers easy access to critical key performance indicators to monitor product profitability. The software has been engineered to drill into data quickly to ensure products are priced correctly for maximum benefit and customer satisfaction. Hesham explains how the ERP evolution started with organizing data and streamlining processes that related to back-office areas, such as inventory management, fulfillment, purchasing, human resources, accounting, IT, manufacturing, planning, and scheduling. Then with the permeation of internet into our day-to-day activities, ERP solutions were expanded further to include other areas of a business, such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supplier Relationship Management (SRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Human Capital Management (HCM), Business Intelligence, and eCommerce.“Today, the Epicor ERP system integrates into all areas and functions within an organization, with the primary purpose of supporting decision makers to better understand all the moving parts of their operations. The system helps them identify growth opportunities and make more informed decisions that will ultimately have an impact on the future success and viability of their businesses,” reveals Hesham.

Forging a Dependable Way to Store and Retrieve Information
Gaining a deeper understanding of the power of the platform, Epicor ERP is a robust and strategic business process management tool that seamlessly manages information within an organization.
It breaks down information silos and bridges the gap between disparate departments while amalgamating information and various transactions made across all facets of an organization into a huge repository that permits easy access to all operators and decision-makers. Basically, every department can learn from its data with the provision of self-service summaries, interactive data visualization, and tools to simplify report creation and sharing. Epicor ERP produces reports, dashboards, and trackers to help understand the functions taking place across the entire enterprise and build real-time operational queries in virtually any area of the solution using a visual drag-and-drop wizard.

We Have Customers Who Have Been Using Epicor for Over 30 Years. Our Solutions Evolve With the Latest Industry Requirements and Trends to Help Our Customers Face the Future

Driving Businesses to New Heights
In terms of propelling business growth within an organization, the company has conducted various market researches to better understand the target audience and harnesses the power of Epicor ERP to tackle the complex challenges faced by growing manufacturers such as how to reach new markets, expand product lines, and grow the business with deep industry- and country-specific functionality.

In parallel with digital transformation, the solution helps gain agility to respond to new opportunities for growth through business automation, streamlined processes, and elimination of redundancies thereby optimizing the customer experience. Instantaneously responding to the shifting demand of consumers, the solution assists in planning resources that works in favour of the consumers. It also balances and distributes work equally, collaborates with suppliers, promotes greater accountability with reliable production metrics and minimizes risk and gains efficiencies with integrated supply chain management and enterprise content management. It ropes in powerful manufacturing execution and machine maintenance capabilities to drive overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

“The overall system of objectives for value creation in terms of time, costs, quality, flexibility and sustainability, remains unchanged, but the requirements rise in each individual area. All the value creation partners and the end customers can be integrated in one Epicor ERP system. This offers extensive competitive advantage to organizations,” affirms Hesham.

Going Mobile with Higher ROI
The penetration of smartphones at escalated levels in unison with cheap internet services has Epicor joining this market with its mobile solutions that help enterprises support customers, transactions, and products, and maintain a wider range of business partner relationships. Deployable on Windows mobile devices, Apple iOS devices or Google Android devices, the mobile solutions securely and cost-effectively distribute and automate subsets of existing enterprise business systems outside of the company network to most industry-standard devices. The team’s performances can be monitored and the time the field teams spend on administrative tasks can be reduced drastically. They can instead focus on speeding up sales cycles, service delivery and generate revenue by streamlining customer interactions. Furthermore, it boosts the sales team capability to secure customer commitments quickly and spend more time selling and less time waiting for the right information.

Gaining Global Recognition
Appreciated globally for their contribution towards this domain, the company was named a Stevie Award winner in two categories of the 15th annual International Business Awards (IBA). Epicor was awarded the title of ‘Company of the Year-Computer Software’ owing to the several innovative improvements implemented over the last year that were meticulously designed to promote fit, ease, and growth for its customers.

The second category the company bagged the award in was for ‘Best New Software Product of the Year-Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution’ for the latest version of Epicor ERP, deployed in the cloud or on-premise. Hesham and the highly adept team of Epicor endeavor to maintain the company’s leadership position in this domain and boost its customer satisfaction rate with the continual fusion of advancing technology within its solutions.