Logo Infosoft: Delivering India’s first GST Compliant Mobile ERP Solution

CIO Vendor The government has digitized the entire GST mechanism and is driving transparency; every single line of the invoice needs to be visible to the government, with all the correct details. Given the complex nature of GST Rules, GST compliance has been one of the major pain points for businesses.The smallmedium enterprises and the micro businesses find themselves in the most disadvantaged position, with no capability to learn the details and implication of these rules, or know the cost of availing asolution they can trust. Businesses want to keep their focus on their core operations and not be bothered by the complex regulatory needs. The entire SME business landscape, after the GST implementation, is in dire need of a solution to salvage them out of their current situation.

Being positioned number four in the international market for its GST capabilities, Logo has extended its accounting software solutions to the Indian market, soothing the pain points of businesses, Chartered Accountants, and tax practitioners, while helping them run their business easily and file their GST returns in a cost efficient and hassle-freemanner. The company leverages its expertise to spare businesses the complex processes of the law and related technical challenges. With itsdeep domain knowledge and extensive research in the field, the company has devised a software solution capturing every single data point required to be GST compliant. The software has a simple user interface that is fully optimized to capture the required data automatically and file the report at the click of a button. The company currently provides two versions of the GST compliant ERP software with best of features and automation, namely Vyapari and Jugnu.

Providing Seamless Integration and GSTN Compliance
Vyapari allows SMEs to set up their billing and accounting systems very quickly. It tightly integrates with GSTN, synchronizing its accounting system with the government machinery, and pulling in data related to customers, suppliers and products/services for easy setup.
Users can transact their business, and raise invoices. The system then creates automated accounting entries, and auto-generates GSTR files, reducing the need for expert advice or reviews.

Vyapari addresses problems specific to SMEs while Jugnu is for larger companies. Vyapari has been positioned in the market as India’s first mobile ERP, which only requires a three-step process to go live: download the app, add your email ID/ phone number, enter the GSTIN/ PAN number. Jugnu is best suited to address their specific needs of larger companies that want to set up their own ERP. While Vyapari has everything automated and pre-configured, Jugnu allows companies to set up and operate the ERP to meet their own unique ways.

Helping Businesses become more Profitable
Both the ERP software, Vyapari and Jugnu allow businesses to make informed decisions on their working capital requirements. It provides a complete picture of the inventory across all locations, empowering businesses with a foresight and helping them to be more competitive. Also, businesses can assess the accurate cost based on Indian costing standards. Logo is now working on integration with banks, NBFCs and platforms like TReDS. These will provide SMEs with easy access to credit, while proving lenders accurate and authentic information to manage their risk.

Vyapari addresses problems specific to SMEs while Jugnu is for larger companies

Bringing out Industry ready Graduates
SMEs are constantly in need of trained manpower who understands trade, commerce and GST regulations. The company is running a highly structured multi-year academic program in association with graduate colleges, giving students the know-how and a hands-on experience of its Vyapari curriculum.