Quarto ERP: Breaking down the Information Silos

CIO Vendor With an ever-changing business environment and the need to be more productive, entrepreneurs are increasingly jumping on the ERP bandwagon. The ERP space is undergoing a huge transformation. From being a comprehensive suite of integrated applications that collect and manage data and convert it into actionable insights for analyzing market trends, predicting the causes and effects of business activities and implementing systems that will actively advance the company, this landscape has transformed exponentially. Nowadays, organizations demand seamless business performance, integrated data available to the right personnel anytime anywhere, accurate forecasts, mobility and scalability, all accomplished over fragile internet connectivity. Perfectly poised in this evolution of ERP is Cochin headquartered Mission Informatics with its novel and robust offering - Quarto ERP.

Bridging the Connectivity Gap
Quarto ERP facilitates clients with centralized operation that is managed through cloud and is connected at all offices through the desktop, web and mobile. Battling low internet connectivity issues, the solution has been designed to assist geographically dispersed offices with offline data synchronization connected to the cloud server.

A One Stop Solution
Quarto ERP offers complete flexibility, and is cloud-hosted. It simplifies the business operation with no performance lag and comes with offline data synchronization that transports the data in portions to the central system, instant billing, easy GST management and has an in-built communication tool where reminders and statements can be sent out to customers within the stipulated timeframe across several gadgets.

Strategically Increasing Sales
Furthermore, the end-to end solution is retrofitted with a CRM module that works towards evaluating and improving sales and service performance by recording the organization’s relationship history with the customer. The repository of the potential customers or clients details such as name, address, contact details, meetings, communication history, purchase, and service history, follow up status, reference sale, pending enquiry reports, and sales incentive reports are well managed through the CRM module. The Quarto Mobile CRM app works with every team member even while travelling, and instantly updates the day-to-day activities. This module allows the executives to perform better by updating the vital information with the parties on the spot.

Quarto ERP facilitates clients with centralized operation that is managed through cloud and is connected at all offices through the desktop, web and mobile

Successful Deployment of Robust ERP Solution
With deep industry knowledge and a decade of expertise catering to a broad range of industry verticals, the company boasts of highly satisfied clients. Avees Group of Companies, a well-renowned food manufacturing company involved in distribution, retail and also operating two restaurants in Central Kerala swears by the product. “We are using Quarto ERP software in all our eight branches for the last nine years to manage our Financial Accounting, Production, Inventory, Sales and Retail units along with restaurants. Since last year we are working on their cloud hosted solution, which seamlessly keeps track of the activities connected through Quarto mobile app. We are happy to acknowledge that Quarto ERP has provided quality support on time during these years,” says Rajesh – General Manager, Avees Group of Companies.