Systech Infovations: Scalable ERP Solution to Suit the Dynamics of SME Sector

CIO Vendor In today’s competitive market, for SMEs to make a mark, it is important for them to streamline their business processes, optimize their resources and improve the efficiency; all this while cutting cost to suit their stringent budget. However, the current ERP solutions available in the market don’t really avail the SMEs much. The big ERP companies have solutions that call for complete system driven approach, rendering the solution difficult to adopt.

On the other hand, there are small players who offer some great functionality; however, their proprietary system does not guarantee performance, updates and reliability, thus proving to be inefficient in the long run. Juggling between these two extremes, SMEs are in a dire need of a solution with just the right mix of functionalities to suit their specific requirements and bring efficiency in the overall process while keeping the cost down.
Perfectly positioned in this landscape is Systech Infovations with its vast experience in the ERP domain. The company understands the dynamics of SME sector, and using it to its advantage has devised web based ERP solution, balancing all aspects to deliver to its clients the best value for their money. The company is strongly positioned in this segment since 2007, currently offering ready-fit solutions to manufacturing, textile, retail and trading & distribution businesses.

The company has invested in latest technology and infrastructure to bring matchless product, benefiting small and mid segment enterprises. Commenting on the ERP capabilities of the product, Mohankumar R, MD & CEO of the company explains, “We wanted to offer feature rich, hassle free, integrated, holistic solution that can be scaled up to suit the growing requirement of the industry.”

Stable product with proven ROI record
Being a mature Java Technology company, Systech Infovations follows standard SDLC practices, right from requirement analysis till testing and
implementation which is aimed at delivering world class solution. For instance, HRMS, the latest addition to our stable, is developed using MEAN stack, an enterprise architecture that spells the future.

Contrary to the one-size-fits-all approach, the company deploys a robust yet flexible framework for ERP, allowing for configurations at all levels without the need for changing codes. Keeping abreast of the changing scenarios and considering all the what-if situations a customer may face, the company gives at least one release per month in each product it offers. For one of its clients, the company has enabled the firm to take back entire ERP investment in a record time of just one month.

Contrary to the one-size-fits-all approach, the company deploys a robust yet flexible framework for ERP, allowing for configurations at all levels without the need for changing codes

Mobility, Analytics, IoT and Cloud
The web based ERP solution has also been extended to the mobile apps, enabling non-stop work process even on the go. For eg., a PO raised by the office can be approved by the moving CEO instantly before being released to the vendor. Our analytics module offers userdefined, interactive, dynamic and rich dashboards that help you gain extensive insights into the business and take complete control.

Striving to be ahead of the curve, the company has also deployed IoT solutions for its manufacturing clients. Systech ERP is available in both on-premises and cloud models. And for its future endeavor, it aims at becoming a leader in automation, building smart products and optimizing resources that include material, money, manpower and machinery.