Doorastha Analytics: Eliminating Energy Poverty

CIO Vendor The Energy Management sector is fast evolving. Various initiatives by the government combined with local entrepreneurship, financing and technological advancements are acting as a catalyst towards assuring electricity access to even the rural areas. Unfortunately, most of the solar solutions implemented within the country have been on grant money, where efforts are only directed towards the utilization of the grant in setting up of the asset rather than focusing on ensuring a seamless and efficient operation of the asset lifecycle. This has led to a plethora of defunct solar assets across the country. Solar micro grids are a classic example of this fallacy.

Perfectly equipped to address the woes that rural enterprises face is New Delhi headquartered Doorastha Analytics with its robust end-to-end iLUMY monitoring solution. “The network, price, and consumer behaviour challenges in this market segment make any standard smart meter or monitoring solution unviable. iLUMY fills the gap by providing a low cost monitoring solution, with metering and bundling options catering to the demand in that segment. Doorastha differentiates further by providing a solution that enables full endto-end monitoring of the grid – from generation to consumption,” explains Shyamal Datta, Co-promoter at Doorastha Analytics.

Delivering a Feature-rich Solution
He goes on to further explain the workings of the solution and informs us how the iLUMY system offer financers full visibility of the impact of the investment on an ongoing basis. The monitoring and fault detection system equips operators with the ability to seamlessly manage the grid efficiently and address issues on time and mostly proactively. Additionally, it is tamper proof, and the grid supply can’t be directly bypassed to the
consumer appliances, thus preventing pilferage at the consumer point. Moreover, perfectly aware that one of the top priorities of the Indian consumer is sustainability and value for money, the team at Doorastha developed the solution for such users. The iLUMY term is an acronym for “intelligent Laghu Urja Mapan Yantra”, which literally translates to what the users need. The solution enables some of the prosumers to increase their income through extending their work hours, or reducing wastage. In conjunction with this, differential pricing slabs area available and the rates can be customized per grid. With the ubiquity of smartphones across India, the iLUMY smart meter can be recharged through an iLUMY app that can be accessed on an Android phone. The phone has ledger information and uploads data to the cloud server for storage and analysis.

Doorastha differentiates by providing a solution that enables full end-to-end monitoring of the grid – from generation to consumption

The company, while having penetrated the market in 2017, has already garnered the attention of several honours for the kind of positive impact they have made on the nation and the environment. Doorastha was recognized as the most innovative idea among all applicants for incubation at the Electropreneur Park in 2017. Also, the company was recognized as among the Top 5 renewable energy companies in India at the ISA Vision Summit in 2018.

Having carved a niche for itself in this domain, Doorastha envisions continuing to empower rural enterprises with its novel solutions and services. “We plan to expand through partnership with some companies utilizing solar for running productive applications by providing them our solution,” concludes Shyamal Datta.