IPR Technologies: Delivering End-To-End Electrical Engineering Solutions

CIO Vendor The utility industry is undergoing a transformation, with the market size growing at a CAGR of 8.60 percent and the value expected to reach USD 8855 billion by 2025. The electricity segment has the most significant market share among the other types. Moreover, the recent shift away from centralized generation to distributed generation power infrastructure with the adoption of digital communication technology has resulted in significantly more complex control systems. Therefore, powerful, flexible and intuitive software tools are the requisites for Engineers, Power system planners and operators to support their work and meet their objectives within project timeframes and budgets. Hence it is imperative for companies to compete in this dynamic environment and position themselves as a utility company of the future, they need to partner with the right solution providers providing the right solutions and tools.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, IPR Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as MAD Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), a Bangalore based company offers end-to-end electrical engineering services and software solutions for electric utility companies. IPR Technologies is known for developing unique software products that are user-friendly and built using high end technology implementations. The company provides quick integration of mobile and web application for both new and existing systems for utility companies.

With an aim to bring revolution in the power industry, IPR Technologies developed the world’s first mobile Power Simulation Software for electric utility companies. “We deliver a complete portfolio of services that include Power Evacuation study, Mobile/Web/ PC Application development and Transmission system Planning & Professional services,” says Bhargav K, Director, IPR Technologies.

“We work with leading organizations, state utilities and other leading consultants and deliver highly responsive and innovative solutions that help them align with their business goals. Due to expansion in business stream we changed the company name from MADTech to IPR - Innovative Power Research Technologies. Factors that differentiate us from the rest are our Commitment, Timely Delivery and Technical Excellence,” he adds.

Simulation Software For 11 KV Feeder Networks
Robust Planning is of paramount importance for long sustenance of utility by providing quality services to the public as well as to justify the public investment on projects. New feeder system/augmentation of existing system needs a high end techno-commercial analysis which is not possible humanly though manual calculation.

This is where IPR Technologies MDLS (PC) comes into the picture. MDLS (PC) is Distribution Line Simulation software that is specifically designed and developed for Distribution utilities. This app simulates the 11 kV feeder networks, which helps in determining component wise Loss level of 11 kV, Transformer, and LT line. MDLS (PC) also helps in operational planning, estimation, techno-commercial Analysis and contingency planning of 11 kV network.

MDLS (Mobile) is a mobile application interface for storing and sending single line diagram data to the MDLS (PC) application. This mobile & PC based app is currently used by Distribution utilities for simulating the HT/LT Line losses. Also, it is used by the utilities engineers for analyzing the voltage profile, loading profiles of the lines, decision making on line replacement, BCR Calculation and report generation for submitting the reports to the regulatory commission. Most importantly, codes and recommended practices and standards should also be followed in the selection and application of material and equipment.

Quick Engineering Solutions
IPR Technologies has developed the PS & ES application that provides quick engineering solutions pertaining to Substation, Transmission Protection Systems and benefit-cost ratio (BCR). This app supports the Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) engineers to calculate the dynamic rating of conductor, transmission line losses, and voltage regulations & Surge impedance loading.

The PS & ES application includes numerous useful modules that eases and reduces the daunting tasks carried out by engineers. The first module is the Power Simulation module that comprises 60 plus inbuilt conductors. This helps in finding the dynamic rating of conductor, loss levels for different kilometers, voltage regulation and comparison of conductors as per standards.

The second one is the Power Calculator module – a handy tool for all
electrical engineers to help them calculate different parameters based on IP, VA, PF, and VAR. The PS & ES application also comprises the substation modules as the third module with substation parameters, providing in-depth understanding for all the KPTCL engineers regarding various standards including clearances, IS, IECs with ready reference drawings. Lastly, the transmission Line module covers many topics starting from tower drawings to clearances, corridor requirements to foundation depths, tower spans to river crossing clearances. The PS & ES app acts as a replacement of multiple rule books used by engineers as it makes it easy for them to view the safety regulations, IE Act & KERC supply regulations on the go.

We deliver a complete portfolio of services that include power evacuation study, mobile/web/pc application development and transmission system planning & professional services

Power Collection Network Software For Wind Farm
Company has developed very unique software for designing 33 kV Power Collection network of wind farm which is WEB & mobile interactive one. Most desired software by the wind industry as it takes care of design in geographical MAPS directly with the import of MSD. It helps in optimized pooling Sub-station location, Planning Stage Routing, Execution Stage revisions, actual executed line variation with loss level at different stages of projects & also helps to derive techno commercial investment. It estimates annual energy loss based on the 10 minutes wind mast data. Mobile app helps site team to update the progress along with geo tagging. This application helps to optimize the electrical infrastructure requirement and conserve huge quantum of energy for their project life.

Evacuation Feasibility Study For 5gw Plus Wind/Solar Plants
The company has also conducted Evacuation Feasibility study for more than 5GW plus Wind/Solar plants all across India for its esteemed clients. The company has also carried our Substation design for voltages ranging from 33kV to 220 kV for wind/Solar companies.

”The company has also conducted evacuation feasibility study for more than 5gw plus wind/solar plants all across India for its esteemed clients. The company has also carried our substation design for voltages ranging from 33kv to 220 KV for wind/solar companies”

Planning Projects Through Technical Feasibility
Technical feasibility is very crucial for private investors to plan their projects. Through optimum design of electrical infrastructure, in terms of both investment costs and solutions, energy can be saved that will benefit perpetually over a period project life cycle.

Delivering World Class Products
The IPR Technologies team comprises professionals with more than 20 plus years of rich experience in delivering world class products in the utility domain with experience of State Electricity boards and in the Wind & Solar companies at various senior levels which makes them to understand the market well. The team also comprises professionals from both the Electrical engineering & Software development background, which enables them to build the best solutions for their clients.

The Journey Ahead
Currently, IPR Technologies Solutions is developing a new application on Energy Audit for benefitting LDC’s of transmission companies, and also working on Smart grid support applications. It is planning to expand its solution base under wide variety of platform inclusive of Research on energy solutions area.

Unique and innovative mobile apps
The company has developed various unique and innovative mobile apps in addition to the M-DLS, PIYF and PS & ES. These include the IE Rules, IE Acts and Power Calci that are currently used by numerous electrical engineers across the country.

Uniqueness of these applications is that they are extremely user friendly & currently no such application is available in the market with such high degree of multitasking interaction. This PS & ES WEB & mobile application is a ready reckoner guide for electrical engineers. This app acts as invaluable reference since it contains huge engineering input & compilation data. Moreover with keyword search feature, make it easier for user to find any relevant information they are looking for.

Similarly Wind farm PCN mobile/WEB Software will be of great importance to wind developers when they are planning to develop any project.